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MapIT G2 - Next-Generation Intelligent Infrastructure Solution for Physical Layer Network Management

MapIT G2 gives you complete visibility and control of your entire physical layer network - from your corporate data centre to a small branch office halfway around the world - and everything in between. Through the combination of powerful MapIT software and innovative smart connectivity, you can easily monitor every channel in real time, centrally managing even the most widespread network assets.

Detailed Network Views
  • Hierarchical views map your entire network, from rack and cabinet infrastructure views, to work area and floor layouts - all with complete circuit diagrams, including active equipment. Circuit diagrams are also displayed locally on MapIT® G2’s LCD-equipped Control Panels and Smart Patch Panels and Enclosures.

Database Accuracy
  • All network information is stored in a software-driven database, which is automatically updated in real time as moves, adds and changes are made, ensuring that the network condition is known at all times.

Maximizes Utilization of Networking Assets
  • MapIT IM and PLM software's utilization reports let you see available switch or patch panel ports. End devices can be tracked by location, equipment type, manufacturer, service or other criteria, providing better visibility and utilization of these critical assets.

No matter the size of the network, managing a network is about anticipating problems before they happen, solving them quickly if they do and ensuring that everything is done right. MapIT G2 provides a host of physical layer management capabilities to help organize your network for peak performance and tools to make sure it stays that way.

Reduce Downtime
  • MapIT G2 circuit trace capability quickly identifies the location of a fault in a channel - information can be displayed on MapIT panels to guide onsite staff, drastically reducing the time required to find and fix a network outage.

Better Manage Remote Sites
  • MapIT provides a real-time view of networks at remote offices, helping to ensure compliance with corporate IT policies and discouraging unauthorized changes to the network.

Streamline Work Order Process
  • Use MapIT IM and PLM software's integrated work order module to ensure that orders are completed properly. Also, work orders can include pictures of circuit traces, rack views and floor layouts, providing useful visual aids for technicians.

Your network may be protected from viruses, hacking and other outside threats, but what about your physical network assets? MapIT G2 helps maintain the security of your network by tracking any physical layer changes such as unauthorized removal of equipment or connection of unapproved devices - telling you exactly when and where a breach occured.

Real-Time Alerts
  • MapIT IM and PLM software can send e-mail alerts to IT or security staff in real time when unauthorized events occur on the network — such as detecting unauthorized devices attempting to connect to your LAN, enhancing endpoint security.

Regulatory Compliance
  • MapIT maintains an audit log of all network events, simplifying compliance with regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, HIPPA, FDA 21 CFR Part II, etc.

Improve Response Time
  • MapIT IM and PLM software features a robust search engine. Help desk staff can use this feature to quickly locate any item on your network and view its attributes and connections.

MapIT G2 - Features and Applications